A New Era at Coventry Building Society Arena

Date: 30 Nov 2022

The team at Coventry Building Society Arena are looking forward to a new era under new ownership.

The sale of the multi-purpose venue last month, provides long-term stability and a platform for future investment at the regional landmark, which hosts sport, entertainment, conferences and exhibitions.

Paul Michael, Commercial Director at Coventry Building Society Arena, heralded exciting times ahead with an opportunity to build-on a host of events already lined up over the coming 18 months.

Harry Styles and Arctic Monkeys will take to the stage within the stadium bowl next summer with a series of conferences and exhibitions already booked in.

Paul said: “We’re absolutely delighted that new ownership brings an exciting new era for everyone here at Coventry Building Society Arena. It has been an uncertain few weeks but the team right across the business have shown incredible professionalism and dedication in keeping the venue operating.

“Now, we can look ahead and really plan for the future.

“The venue is of huge significance to the regional economy because of the number of visitors and business it brings to the area.

“We have dozens of conferences, exhibitions and events already lined up for the remainder of 2022 and into 2023, worth millions of pounds to the local economy.

“We have some great new and diverse shows coming over the next 12 months including The Big Zero Show, The EBME Expo and KewbzUK to name but a few which show the diversity of exhibitions and events we can host here.

“The announcement in October gives certainty to those events and now gives us the opportunity to go out and sell everything that is on offer at Coventry Building Society Arena and bring in even more business.

“However, this goes beyond bringing short-term certainty. There are now plans for further investment into the venue and also to make the most of the recent opening of the Commonwealth Convention Centre here, which is another draw to the venue.”