The Pathway to Productive People: Ricoh’s report explores the UK’s productivity puzzle

Date: 22 Aug 2019

In what continues to be a period of economic uncertainty and instability, businesses are, more than ever, microscopically reviewing the way they work. In unison, many are facing enormous pressure to modernise and digitally transform to ensure that they remain competitive, robust and, most importantly, future-proof.

Last year, Ricoh partnered with Oxford Economics to conduct a study into how digital transformation in the workplace directly affects the wider UK economy. The Economy of People report found that aligning the key elements of culture, workplace and technology to create the ‘optimal office’ not only positively impacts businesses directly, but at a macro level too. Fostering the link between performance and productivity to achieve the optimal office could be worth a staggering £36.8 billion in GDP for the United Kingdom.

At Ricoh, we believe that the pathway to productivity lies in organisations implementing innovative and bespoke solutions that focus on people, workplace, process and technology. Together, these offer one cohesive and impactful workstyle footprint within any business environment – a footprint that will enhance productivity and profitability at both a micro and macro level.

The Pathway to Productive People is an approach developed by Ricoh to help businesses with their transformation process – a guide for those taking the first steps into workstyle innovation and looking to achieve the optimal office where people, workplace, process and technology are nicely balanced. Whilst there is much to consider, and the ultimate execution may seem daunting and complex, it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is bravery, and this begins with understanding your people and the way they work.

What could workstyle innovation mean for your business?