Plastics Live - 5th & 6th July 2022

5 Jul 2022 - 6 Jul 2022

A new annual event for manufacturers of plastic products will be held for the first time at Coventry Building Society Arena in July.


Plastics Live is an exhibition and conference for the plastics sector in the UK and Ireland and will take place on Tuesday, July 5 and Wednesday, July 6.

The event is expected to attract more than 2,600 visitors, over 150 industry-leading exhibitors and 50 plus speakers for its conference programme.

It will attract local, national and international exhibitors with a showcase of the latest technologies, multi-function equipment and high quality, energy-efficient machineries that cater to the plastic sector.

Plastics Live will bring the sector’s most important manufacturing themes into the foreground and will include workshops, conferences, and exhibitions, while showcasing a first-class and comprehensive range of plastic technologies.

The event will directly tackle the plastics-in-the-environment theme through Sustainable Plastics Live, which will help tackle the entire spectrum of environmental plastic issues and solutions.

The much-discussed topic of 3D printing/ Additive Manufacturing (AM) will all be showcased under the banner of AMPLAS. This part of Plastics Live will display and help educate some of the trends in AM, and show visitors how AM and injection moulding are becoming complementary technologies.

While Industry 4.0 in Plastics will demonstrate to visitors how smart and connected operations are revolutionising the factory shop floor — improving product quality, reducing costs, increasing process transparency and delivering customer orders on time and right-first-time.

Scott Colman, Plastics Live Director, said: “We now feel that it’s time to move forward and to put the best of the plastics sector on show.

“We want to properly illustrate all of the positive things that the industry is capable of, and — above all — to communicate how plastics can be a unique and indispensable benefit both for our environment and for our global society.

“Plastics Live is for forward-thinking plastic manufacturers who are focussed and committed to their future viability and profitability

“Our conference and workshop sessions will offer our visitors advice on how to future-proof business, how to use technology to improve output, save energy and the environment, and create the factories of the future.

“Plastics Live is all about innovation and is heavily future-focused. Those businesses who prefer to stand still will not be comfortable with our format. Those leaning forward will benefit and prosper from getting involved.”

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