One Year on from New Ownership - Redefining the Match Day Experience

Date: 24 Nov 2023

Alan Diaz, Head of Concessions at Coventry Building Society Arena, reflects on how we have redefined the match day experience at Coventry Building Society Arena over the last 12 months.

As we celebrate a year since Coventry Building Society Arena came under new ownership, it’s not just about ownership change, but a complete revamp that has redefined the visitor experience. 

Central to this transformation has been the Arena concourse, now a hub of activity for football fans on match days.

The concourse has undergone a significant redesign, featuring new food and drink kiosks that cater for a wide range of tastes 

From classic pies to the ever-popular fish and chips, and the indulgent delight of dirty fries, the range of culinary offerings has been greatly expanded. 

We are committed to providing diverse food options and catering for every fan visiting the venue.

In a move that has been particularly popular with families and children, the Arena has introduced cutting-edge entertainment options. The installation of new PlayStation 5 consoles on the concourse has been a game-changer, offering an interactive and exciting experience for younger visitors. This addition underscores the Arena’s dedication to creating a family-friendly environment, where entertainment extends beyond the pitch.

Alongside these new features, Coventry Building Society Arena continues its journey towards sustainability and quality improvements. Major partnerships with companies like Budweiser Brewing Group and significant investments in staffing and procurement systems have been instrumental in elevating service standards.

The arena’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its initiatives, such as the introduction of new packaging, food suppliers, and recycling stations, all part of a broader venue-wide sustainability initiative. Collaborations with Notpla and Vegware have brought in innovative biodegradable and sustainable packaging solutions.

The expansion of the training and development program aligns with Destination Coventry and UK Hospitality’s Step into Hospitality initiative, nurturing future talent in the hospitality sector. The arena has also partnered with Go Green to ensure meticulous waste management, with over 70 tonnes of waste recycled in the last quarter alone.

We are thrilled with the changes to the concourse and East Village and believe they are a true testament to our commitment to enhancing the fan experience.

We're not just elevating the match day experience but redefining it, for example with the addition of the Playstations. Our goal is to create an environment where families and fans of all ages can enjoy an immersive and memorable day out, complementing the excitement of the game itself.

As Coventry Building Society Arena embarks on another exciting year, it stands as a testament to innovation, sustainability, and customer-focused enhancements. 

The Arena is not just a venue for sports events but a destination that offers a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for all visitors. 

The ongoing efforts in revamping the arena, particularly the concourse, reflect a deep-seated commitment to excellence and a vision for a sustainable and entertaining future.